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4 ways to cure “pain” without medication

4 ways to cure “pain” without medication

getting older came with more and more ailments as the body gradually deteriorated especially the pain Starting from headaches, neck and shoulder pain from sitting for a long time. knee pain from osteoarthritis or too much weight Including waist pain, back pain, arm pain, สมัคร ufabet etc. But if you want

The dangers of "clean eating"

The dangers of “clean eating”

The other day, in a conversation among big girls (not age, it means body shape) talking about eating clean food, it’s very cruel. Some people invest in organic fruits and vegetables. low sodium condiments good olive oil And superfoods like quinoa, chia seeds, come to cook and eat at home, spending

10 causes of "brain fatigue", risk of "dementia" before aging

10 causes of “brain fatigue”, risk of “dementia” before aging

In an era where large organizations or private companies, wherever. They are popular with employees who can work with a variety of skills in the same person, called multi-tasking (MULTI-TASKING EMPLOYEE), which people who work well in this way can allocate their own time perfectly. It