Better than you think! Benefits of walking for exercise From the first minute to the 60th minute

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I believe that many people will have doubts about whether walking for exercise really benefits the body’s health or not, because many people may think that walking is not a method of exercise that will benefit the body as much as it should. Therefore, we have brought the benefits of walking starting from the first minute to the 60th minute to share with everyone. and believes that it will make many people turn to exercising by walking even more  

Better than you think! Benefits of walking for exercise From the first minute to the 60th minute

Walking exercise from minutes 1-5

Starting from taking just the first ยูฟ่าเบท step, your body is stimulated to release chemicals that create energy in your cells. This process will be like fuel for walking. In walking from minutes 1-5 The pulse will accelerate to approximately 70-100 beats per minute. And that results in stimulating blood flow. along with providing warmth to soothe muscles

Walking exercise from minutes 6-10

During the period of walking from 6-10 minutes, the pulse beats faster than before. The body began to burn more 6 kilocalories per minute. As more steps are taken, blood pressure also increases slightly. But during this time, blood vessels will expand to allow more oxygen to enter the muscles.

Walking exercise from minutes 11-20

When you reach the 11-20th minute of walking, your body temperature will begin to rise. You will notice that during this time you will start to sweat. This is because the blood vessels close to the skin expand. This causes the body to begin releasing heat. If you keep walking, your body will burn up to 7 kilocalories per minute. and will be accompanied by a faster breathing rate as well At the same time, hormones such as epinephrine and glucagon will also be released more This is to add fuel to the muscles that are being used.

Walking exercise from minutes 21-45

During the 21st minute of walking, your body will begin to feel more energized and relaxed. This is because the body will begin to reduce tension. That’s because feel-good chemicals like endorphins increase in the brain. and when more fat is burned This will result in a decrease in insulin stored in fat. It’s no surprise that walking is recommended for overweight people and people with diabetes.

Walking exercise from minutes 46-60

When you reach the 46th minute and keep walking until the 60th minute, your body will start to feel tired. That’s because during this time the muscles will begin to feel fatigued. Because the carbohydrates stored in the body gradually decrease, but when the body begins to cool down The pulse began to slow down. along with breathing more slowly It will cause the energy metabolism rate to decrease as well. But the metabolism level is still higher than when I started walking.

It can be seen that walking for exercise is an exercise that provides interesting benefits each minute. So whoever thinks that taking a walk each day doesn’t bring many health benefits to the body? We must start changing our thinking again. Because of the benefits that come from walking even just 1 hour a day. It provides many benefits to the body.