Red Singha 1-0 Blue Singha: Points from the game: Chelsea lost to Middlesbrough. Until randomly risking being heartbroken from the Carabao Cup

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• Before the game, there was nothing that Chelsea was inferior to Middlesbrough
• And during the game Statistics claim that Chelsea is superior to Bantay
•* but in the end lost 0-1. There is a huge risk that the Blue Sings will be eliminated from the Carabao Cup semi-finals.

Red Singha 1-0 Blue Singha: Points from the game: Chelsea lost to Middlesbrough. Until randomly risking being heartbroken from the Carabao Cup - FEATURE

Blue Singha and Carabao Cup

Being the country’s smallest trophy, Chelsea has clearly expressed that they are “not focused” on reaping success from this trophy. Which is probably like other big teams who think about this program like, “If you can, it’s good. If you can’t, it’s not a problem.”

That makes Chelsea only five times in the club’s 118-year history — tied for fourth place with Aston Villa, who have also won five, behind Manchester United (six), Manchester City. (8) and Liverpool (9)

It was found that the last championship in 2015 (Jose Mourinho era) winning Spurs 2-0 was the only League Cup championship in the last 16 years.

As for the last 8 years, there have been eliminations in the fourth round 4 times, third round 1 time, reaching the semi-finals 1 time and losing the final 2 more times (2019, 2022).

However, coming this season, the Carabao Cup has become a “goal” that Chelsea has underlined because 1) it is a new blood team. A new era of genuine clubs begins. Players – coaches – team owners are all new, so now Whichever cup is taken first must be taken.

2) As a gift to console fans from having to “bear” and accept their decline. dropped out of being the top team in the country Last year, they retreated to finish in the middle of the table. This year is unlikely to be much better than before.

3) I pushed through to the cutoff. Just a little more effort and you’ll reach the finish line.

and 4) Good luck, getting to play the semi-finals against a Champions League team like Middlesbrough again. Before the game, everyone thought that… so sweet!

Red Lion…used to be strong in the past

Middlesbrough side Of course, the most beautiful memory is almost 30 years ago, with the legendary team that had Fabrizio Ravanelli, Juninho, Emerson, Branco, Mikkel Bae. C led the way to two cup finals…the same year they were relegated from the Premier League!

As for recent history, the Reds were able to gain promotion back to the Premier League in 2016, but were not relegated in just one season. And until now it has been settled in the EFL Championship for 7 consecutive years.

A key turning point in recent years was the acquisition of Michael Carrick, former Manchester United star (and briefly acting manager), to sit in the chair last season, and Carrick has made an impact. Immediately brilliant Led the team to a 4th place finish and entered the play-offs. (lost to Coventry)

For this season, the results in the CCP may not be beautiful. Currently ranked 12th, there is still a chance to win a playoff ticket. But what is definitely more outstanding is their performance in smaller cups like the Carabao Cup (1-time champion in 2004).

However, beneath the fact of The Boro’s arrival in the semi-finals is that they were lucky to meet “pure second league” opponents from the very first round. Huddersfield Town (3-2) followed by Bolton (3-1), Bradford (2-0), Exeter (3-2) and Portwey. L (3-0)

Meeting Chelsea this game – this round It was a duel with a Premier League team for the first time only.