Xabi informs the director of the Barcelona club consider changing the medical team

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Xavi Hernandez, the new Barcelona manager notified to the club director Consider changing the new medical team. After the team has a problem with many injured players.

barcelona players injured

Barcelona have had a difficult time organizing their players. After many of their players had to rest due to injuries.

Spain coach Xavi Hernandez 41 has informed director Mateu Alemani that the club’s medical facilities need urgent medical attention. Which at the moment the team has a total of 11 injured players. Which can be organized into one team exactly. (As pictured above)

Players of “Chao Boon Throw” gradually gradually hurt each other, many of them, the director Mateu Alemani, also seemed to agree with Xabi. He is believed to have lost patience with the current medical team as well. both in the misdiagnosis The assessment of vague symptoms is unclear. And many times the players have repeated injuries in the same area.

Xavi asked to consider bringing in Dr Ricard Pruna, who worked as Barcelona’s chief medical officer for 25 years but left the club in 2018 due to conflicts with former board Joe. Sepp Maria Bartomeu is back at work.