Tuchel wasn’t worried about being fired at all.

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Chelsea have emerged as a team that are ready to sack all managers. If on-field performance doesn’t meet the board’s expectations. Despite winning trophies last season, but if their performance isn’t satisfactory. They’ll be prepared to do so. Aside from the chair as well. In the past there have been many managers had to bounce back after failing to lead Chelsea to their dream side and most recently. Chelsea decided to bring in Thomas Tuchel. The new manager replaces Frank Lampard.

And just the first season that came in Thomas Tuchel led Chelsea to the UEFA Champions League championship immediately. Continuing until the 2021/22 season, Chelsea’s performance is still excellent as before. By rising to the top of the table and having a chance to qualify for the last 16 in the UEFA Champions League as well. But if Chelsea finish the season empty-handed in the 2021/22 season. There is a chance that Thomas Mas Tuchel could also be sacked as Chelsea manager.

But Thomas Tuchel is not worried at all. It is confident he will be in the role of Chelsea manager for many more years because he has always believed in himself. Thomas Tuchel said in an interview. Personally, I’ve never been afraid of my position. It’s like we drive because it’s dangerous. Prone to accidents all the time, but I don’t think so as I’m a cautious person. I also believe in my abilities and everything is going well and I hope to stay at Chelsea for many more years.”