Tuchel reveals Burnley are lucky to get one point back

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Chelsea have continued to win in the English Premier League. Keeping them at the top of the crowd as usual and with the team’s potential that is far superior as it looks against Burnley. It wasn’t hard work for Chelsea, plus Kai Havertz helped Chelsea take the lead in the 33rd minute. Chelsea went on to attack with full force to score more goals because of the lead only 1-0 wasn’t enough for Chelsea. But unfortunately Chelsea couldn’t score more goals.

Of course, throughout the game it was Chelsea who pushed hard in hopes of scoring more goals. But Burnley equalized from Matey Vidra in the 79th minute and finally. Burnley managed to get one important point back out. Which Thomas Tuchel admitted that Burnley were very lucky to get one point back out by Thomas Tuchel. The interview said If the other team fails to score a goal, there is a chance the other team will steal the points right away.

To be honest, we did a very satisfying performance. But the result was not very favorable and personally. I am disappointed that we were not able to win, which I am sure if we play like this. 100 games can get 99 wins but this time it is us who can’t win and the 2nd goal decides everything and it was our own mistake to score. Can get more, but in the end, it can’t be done.”