Tuchel encourages South Tiger players to beat Boat half by half to win the final

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Bayern Munich boss Thomas Tuchel hopes his side who come three goals behind will miraculously reach the Champions League playoffs. In the first half, Manchester City will have to score first and then continue to win in the second half in the second leg of the quarter-finals on Wednesday.

Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel admitted his side needed to beat Manchester City in the first half. then gradually extending to the second half So there will be a chance to turn the situation around and go through to the UEFA  Champions League semi-finals in the game that will meet again at the Allianz Arena, the last 8 teams, second leg, the biggest European cup on Wednesday 19 this april

Tuchel encourages South Tiger players to beat Boat half by half to win the final

The Southern Tiger army had previously lost at the Etihad Stadium with a score of 0-3 in the middle of last week. Make it hard work for the team of Bavaria. They must win by three goals in order to tie the total goals first. To gradually win which the German boss rouse his team Take one step at a time with cheers from the fans as they try to create miracles.

“We have to go one step at a time,” Tuchel said at his pre-match press conference. “We want to win the first half. If we can win both halves and we are lucky we didn’t in the first leg. everything is possible we must have faith meanwhile I have beliefs that are not dreams. We have to play with our good form and excite the fans. Who came to cheer, step by step, half by step Of course, there is still an opportunity. We want the momentum of the UFABET game to be ours.”

At the same time, the former Chelsea trainer also confirmed that Sadio Mane, the Senegal striker. ready to return as an option for this Wednesday game But it’s not sure if it’s real or a substitute. After being banned in the league match at Bayern’s home draw with Hoffenheim 1-1 on Saturday, April 15, after punching teammate Leroy Sane. Until the blood covered his mouth after the game, losing to City in the first game

“ Sadio will be part of the team. because we have removed him from the team From last Thursday’s decision And this story is over. We have to wait and see. Will he be the real one? ”The 49-year-old head coach added, hoping that the conflicts that arise will create positive energy for the team to return to unity.