Tuchel admits Chelsea could change plans for Gunde

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Chelsea are looking for a new defender to join the team. Although there are a lot of defenders to choose from. But Chelsea are likely to lose two defenders. Including Antonio Roo Digger and Andreas Christensen have yet to agree on a new contract offered by Chelsea. Although Chelsea have tried to offer them a new contract. There is currently no indication that Antonio Rudiger. Andreas Christensen will agree to a new contract offered by Chelsea.

Jules Gunde is one of Chelsea’s main targets. But Sevilla have no plans to let a key defender leave the club despite a very attractive offer. Thomas Tuchel Began to consider the new defender after Trevor Chalobah has performed very satisfactory in the past, with Thomas Tuchel said: “We need to be assessed. The situation within the team is always to make sure there are players in the position that we should add.”

“Of course, every market there is no way the reinforcement plan will be the same, although sometimes the reinforcement plan may be the same, but in the defence we may have to reconsider with Trevwoh Cha’s performance. Lobah is clearly getting better and he deserves to be a part of us, and most importantly, Trevor Chalobah has to bear the responsibility and the high pressure he has. We dealt with this very well and it definitely affected our decision.”