Saka enjoyed playing against Lacazette.

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Arsenal’s English midfielder Bukayo Saka admits he enjoyed playing with Alexandre Lacazette and enjoyed playing with Alexandre. Lacazette over the past few weeks

Alexandre Lacazette appears to be able to bear the pressure of replacing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang well with his impressive on-field performance and scoring goals. Continued until Arsenal have the opportunity to move up to the top four immediately. If defeated Watford successfully and Alexandre Lacazette continues to perform. Excellent with 1 assist helping Arsenal defeat Watford successfully.

And now Arsenal have moved up to fourth in the table and Bukayo Saka admits playing against Alexandre Lacazette is fun. Much by Bukayo Saka, said in an interview. Alexandre Lacazette and I coordinate very well like we did in training. He knows which direction I am going to make. It was even easier for us to play together. Personally, I had a lot of fun playing together with Alexandre Lacazette.

So far my confidence is very high. In front of the goal but I have to improve myself more because there are still some mistakes I see. Personally, I have my own goals. But if Being able to win is the most important thing even if I can’t score goals at UFABET.”