Rumored ‘lineman’, not long to rest, come back in charge of the NACC game

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Constantine Hatsidakis has been suspended for elbowing Andrew Robertson back in the Championship game between Preston and Blackburn One. This Saturday, the next Premier League match will be Leeds vs. Leicester in the middle of next week. But a VAR assistant

Konstantin Hatsidakis Assistant Referee Will return to duty again in the English Championship game between Preston North End and Blackburn Rovers at Deepdale Stadium on Saturday, April 22. After the English Football Association Or the FA does not condone the case of pulling the elbow on Andrew Robertson, the Liverpool defensive line. Despite the images clearly appearing in the media.

Rumored 'lineman', not long to rest, come back in charge of the NACC game

The incident occurred at the end of the first half of the Premier League game. In which the Reds opened the nest to a fun 2-2 draw with Arsenal on Sunday, April 9, by full-back Scott. walked towards Hatsidakis while the other players. He was leaving the field and seemed to have touched his assistant slightly. Before being pulled into the neck by the elbow Causing teammates to express dissatisfaction as well

The 38-year-old referee’s team was hit by  the British Association of Professional Referees or PGMOL. Temporarily suspend work To wait for an investigation from the FA , but this time the referee was completely acquitted due to the good football organization. Do not think of taking any action, plus Hatsidakis has already apologized to the players through the Zoom program. Which Robertson is ready to accept the apology. So he is not impressed with the incident.

Assistant Paul has previously revealed that he has fully assisted the FA in its investigation. And discussed the matter directly with Robertson, which was an open and positive conversation. And hope to return to the duties of refereeing the competition again

This acquittal resulted in returning to duty. in the elite league this weekend immediately As for the Premier League game, Leeds United will welcome Leicester City at Elland Road on Tuesday, April 25, and will act as an assistant to VAR. It will work with Stuart Attwell, who will sit on the VAR referee in the UFABET game.