Potter is proud of the team’s success in the draw.

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Brighton’s England manager Graham Potter was pleased with his side’s draw with Chelsea in the latest game. Despite having taken the lead but scoring the equalizer back.

Although both Brighton and Chelsea have only played at the weekend. Chelsea have been playing continuously since December. Appear to be at a much greater disadvantage despite the strength they have within the squad. Will be very strong both in the starting line and the reserve. Plus Brighton is a strong team at home as well. Which the visit to Brighton is not an easy task at all, although it is the side who got the lead first from Hakim C. Yek at the 28th minute.

And it was Adam Webster who equalized for Brighton in the 60th minute, before the two teams split a point by one point, although Brighton were still in the middle of the table only. Ham Potter was also proud of the UFABET team that was able to collect points from Chelsea, with Graham Potter said in an interview: “The last match was a good match as the two teams fought hard to win. Collect the wins before they are divided by 1 point per team.”

“And personally I’m proud of the team who performed satisfactorily and against Chelsea was not an easy task at all, the main thing is that Chelsea attacked with the expectation of winning back. But we still managed to get 1 point and it was a very satisfying result for us.”