Moyes reveals the team is ready to go on the field with full confidence.

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West Ham United have risen to the top of the English Premier League table after successfully. Securing Europa League qualifiers last season leading up to the 2021/22 season. It has maintained the same excellent standard of play with six wins out of 10 on the field. He has now only stumbled on two defeats. Moving West Ham United upwards. Ranked 4th in the score table.

Plus, West Ham United have a chance to move up to 3rd in the table if they defeat Liverpool successfully, although it won’t be easy because Liverpool are the only team that can’t spell losing from 10 games. But David Moyes is confident his players will get the results they want and all the players will be ready to enter the field with full confidence, even if they face tough teams like Liverpool, with David Moyes providing. interview that

“We all come on the pitch with confidence in our own style of play and we want to play better than last year, although it is not an easy task because Liverpool are a very strong team and have a very strong squad. I would have led Everton to a higher finish than Liverpool, but this time it was not easy because Liverpool have elevated themselves a lot and against Liverpool was also a very challenging test for us even though. Some of our players are out of license but we are ready to give our best to get the results we want.”