Kroenke reveals there are always offers for Arsenal

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Arsenal switched ownership to Kroenke Sports and Entertainment in 2018. Since then Arsenal are far from successful as they were at Karan. Tickets to the UEFA Champions League every year become a team that has to play in the Europa League. But even then, Kroenke Sports and Entertainment. There hasn’t been any injecting money for managers to bring in new players. Most of them look like young players.

Of course, with teams looking for tangible success, bringing in youngsters isn’t the answer and Arsenal’s performance has started to deteriorate and even missed out on European competition for the first time in 25. A year in which Arsenal fans were so displeased that they called for Kroenke Sport and Entertainment. Sold the club and there are several groups ready to offer offers to Kroenke Sport and Entertainment. Considered to take over Arsenal

But Josh Kroenke recently confirmed that Arsenal will not be sold for sure, even if there are offers to consider, with Josh Kroenke said: “We have no plans to Sell ​​Arsenal, and now we are only just starting the plan as planned and over the years we have received a lot of offers from many companies, not only the press but we still confirm. Clearly, Arsenal are not for sale in every case.”