Keane: Fred and McTominay weren’t good enough for Manchester United

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Former Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane has revealed that Fred Scott. McTominay weren’t good enough to be Manchester United players after failing to help Manchester United. Got the win in the last match.

Despite sending two defensive midfielders onto the field to help alleviate the burden of defenders. Manchester United still conceded almost every goal they entered the field. But still easy to lose the same goal as the previous game. It was still hit by Atalanta to score 2 goals in the UEFA Champions League battle. Still good that Manchester United came to equalize at the end of the game. Manche Leicester will have to open Old Trafford for the visit of Manchester City.

Of course, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer still trusts Fred and Scott McTominay. But their performances on the pitch have not been satisfactory. It’s 45 minutes but Manchester United can’t do anything Manchester City can do.

It was a lot worse than the game against Liverpool. Plus, the picture of the game in the latest match. Manchester City hasn’t been under any pressure at all.