It’s over! PSG continue to sign Mbappe until 2025

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Paris Saint-Germain Succeeded in keeping Kylian Mbappe with the team for another three years. After the contract was announced. Along with making Real Madrid have been hunting for a long time to meet with disappointment

Paris Saint-Germain French Ligue 1 giants have announced a three-year contract extension with Kylian Mbappe until 2025. Resulting in the epic story of moving to play for Real Madrid. The top team of the fierce Bull League. That has been a long time since the previous season must definitely end. 

The 23-year-old striker has been linked with a move to the White King for free next season. After the contract with PSG is about to expire this summer. It did not think to extend the contract. However, during the past week. The perfume city media heavily fanfare that this spearhead has received a handsome offer from the UFABET league’s billionaire team, causing a sudden change of heart.

Most recently, the French Ligue 1 champions confirmed on Saturday May 21 that Mbappe has signed a new contract with the French capital until 2025, while the player said: “I really happy who continued their adventures at Paris Saint-Germain here to be in my city paris I hope to continue doing what I love with you guys. And win the championship together. Thank you very much.”

The details of the contract were not disclosed. but the media expects Should have received a salary of up to 100 million euros per year, or about 3.7 billion baht and received a bonus from this contract of up to 300 million euros, or about 11,100 million baht, making him a player who has been paid expensive. the best in the world

Mbappe  , one of the best forwards in Europe at this time , joined PSG from Monaco in 2017, scoring 168 goals in 216 games, helping the team to four Ligue 1 titles. , French Cup 3 times and French League Cup 2 times, while with the chicken badge, he has won the 2018 World Cup and the UEFA Nations League 2020-2021.