Carra reveals what Fergie told him in the Manchester dressing room after Klopp came in charge of Liverpool

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Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has revealed what Sir Alex Ferguson told him following Jürgen Klopp’s arrival at Anfield.

 Jamie Carragher recounted what Sir Alex Ferguson told him a month after Jürgen Klopp arrived at Liverpool , in an interview after his former club’s win over Manchester United. Chester United 4-0 on Tuesday night, April 19, 2022, and Liverpool legends watched the game. This victory was another important step for the Reds. when they continue to advance to the next 4 championship titles

          When Klopp took over from Brendan Rodgers in October 2015, Liverpool were in mid-table. However, Carragher said Manchester United’s legendary manager Ferguson was “worried” almost immediately over the arrival of the German on Merseyside.

          “I played a game at Old Trafford, I think it was a testimonial match with Michael Carrick and Alex Ferguson walking around. dressing room to shake the player’s hand and say ‘Thanks for coming,’ I think he’s the manager of one of the teams,” Carragher told the Gary Neville Podcast . “Jurgen Klopp has been at the club for about a month and he [Ferguson]. walked up to me and said ‘You’ve got a manager,’ I was like, ‘Yeah, good, Jurgen Klopp started well’ and he (Ferguson) said ‘no, no, I’m worried’.

          “And at that time I thought Manchester United were still ahead of Liverpool , but he (Ferguson) knew after meeting him in… I think maybe in a UEFA meeting or a Champions League meeting. but no matter where He’s got that kind of character.” “ You talk about a great manager, tactical and game plan. Every great manager has that. Of course they have But it’s the power of the self. And that’s what Jürgen Klopp has, that’s what Sir Alex Ferguson has. Kongkli leaves Liverpool , the feeling of Liverpool supporters now is ‘Isn’t he going in two years?’ People are already thinking about that because of the impact he has on this football club.”

          When it comes to his career , Carragher believes he will not play under the managerial talent of Klopp. From watching teams like Manchester United and Chelsea win the league thanks to the world-class manager who was in charge at the time. The former England national team player believes that Klopp is more important than any player in the Liverpool squad.

          “I’ve always thought about a great manager and we’ve never had one. [at Liverpool] being regarded like Ferguson. Or what Jose [Mourinho] was at Chelsea or what [Arsene] Wenger was at Arsenal? That’s what Klopp is now,” Carragher continued. “I’ve always felt [with] those managers, fear, but also love. So the players will not want to disappoint them. but they will feel scared So when you see Jürgen Klopp, he’s bigger than any player.

          “ If you ask any Liverpool player who they want to lose between Van Dijk and Jürgen Klopp, they’ll say Van Dijk, I can assure you, Jürgen Klopp. Kopp is truly divine here and for the players as well. “You can see and feel that energy from the sidelines. When Jurgen Klopp first came to Liverpool We know that he is an interesting, unusual and good-humored person. He has a strong and lively personality. I actually said at the UFABET time that this was not a signing for Liverpool only. But as a contract for the Premier League, you know there will be something special.”