Bruno: Man Utd can’t compare to Man City

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Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has revealed that Manchester United are not at the same level as Manchester City. After their recent defeat to Manchester City condition.

Even though the statistics that we met are Manchester United can do better. But the latest match that we met is Manchester United can hardly compete with Manchester City at all and get shot. The goal took the lead in the seventh minute thanks to an own goal from Eric Bailly. Before Bernardo Silva added another 45th minute goal. Although Manchester United had 45 minutes left at half-time. After but was unable to create any danger to Manchester City at all.

Throughout the 90 minutes, It was Manchester City had more possession of the ball and had more chances to score more goals than different subjects. But Manchester United had only shot on the frame of Manchester City. Which Runo Fernandes admits the level difference between Manchester United. Manchester City is “a kind of difference based on the latest results. Bruno Fernandes said in an interview. “Manchester City has shown us the distance apart.”

They did a really good job. They didn’t give us the chance to have possession of the ball and I have to appreciate them for doing a great job but I have to look at myself as to where they need to be. Some urgent improvements because the results in the last match were not at all our original standards and the important thing now is to come back and do better. “Manchester United has a chance. Dropped out of 5th place in the table immediately after losing to Manchester City in the latest match