Benitez admits Everton have limited budget in January

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Everton have paid just £1.7m to bring Demarai Gray from Leverkusen. Join the team, the rest of the new players are signed for free to join the team only. Which Everton’s performance is considered very satisfying in the previous period by collecting victories continuously. Until moving up to The English Premier League table top was successful. But after a while, Everton’s performance began to deteriorate with continuous stumbles to distribute points until scores were far behind teams in the top four areas.

Of course, Everton had plans to bring in a number of new players. But financial issues made it difficult to bring in new players in January. The emergence of players in the squad has increased the price of players even more. Although Everton plans to release many surplus players. Most recently Rafael Beni Tez confirmed that Everton may not have a new army of players to join the team.

“Personally, I have already had discussions with Marcel Brains about bringing in new players. We now have time to decide on this and last season. Everton have just spent a lot of money to bring players to the team so this season we don’t have enough money to recruit new players so we need to manage everything to get us through the season. This time frame is possible and I personally hope that we will change in January even if spending money on new players will not be an easy task.”