Antonio Conte: Spurs players have shown me how hard they try.

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New Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has praised the efforts of his players. Although the result of the match was only a draw against Everton without a score.

The Italian coach just took charge of the Spurs squad. The first official match was played on Thursday. By defeating Vitesse 3-2 in the Europa Conference League. And the latest invasion to share points with Everton 0-0 in the English Premier League.

Against Everton, Conte retained the 3-4-3 system that made his name. His team still can’t adapt to the new system of play. Still need some time to learn each other. Judging from the statistics, they had 8 shots on target, not even one on target. Before the game ended with one point each, but Conte insisted he was satisfied with the competition. Even if you can’t collect three points.

“The result is correct. I’m telling the truth I am always happy with the results. I have seen the ambition of the players, the passion, the determination to fight. and willingness to play for the team This was a very difficult time for us. But seeing this from the players gives me more confidence for the future of the club,” said Antonio Conte.

“Sometimes you can teach players the tactics of playing. But the attitude and passion of the game is very difficult for you to teach them. But my players have shown how much they want to win. This is a very good start.”